Kok ada pelajaran b.inggris??? kan b.inggris udah di hapus/tidak ada lagi ???!!!!! -_-
Andi : Attention, please! I have something to tell you, guys. Please, be quiet.
Aldi : Shh....OK my friends, pay attention to our leader. It seems that he brings bad news for us.
Andi : I've just met the headmaster in the teachers' room. He told me about our holiday.
Feny : Really? Why are you so gloomy? Bad news?
Aldi : Be quiet Feny!
Andi : The headmaster cancelled tomorrow's holiday.
Feny : What! Are you serious?
Aldi : Oh, no. What a shocking. I don't believe it.
Andi : I'm serious. I tell you the truth.
Indah : Oh, dear. That's very disappointing.
Andi : Keep calm guys. We will have a holiday someday. Don't forget to come to the school tomorrow.
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