Jawaban paling cerdas!
Rani : Hi, Guys. good morning.
Rony, Kevin, and Misha : Hello Rani.
Rani : I want to invite you to my house tomorrow. what about your opinion?
Roni and Misha : Wow! that very exciting, of course we'll come to your house. we heard your family have a pool at your house.
Rani : Thanks about your praise. hey, Kevin. why you keep silent until now?
Kevin : Uhh.. i think, i can't come to your house.
Rani : Why? do you already have plans with someone?
Kevin : No, No.. my mother only just to protective to me so i can't. i'm very sorry okay.?
Roni : Ehh.. that's very unexpected. it's will become to lonely without you.
Misha : You're just to hyperbole Roni..
Rani : Well it can't be helped. but next time you must come to my house okay?
Kevin : Okay, thank for become a reliable friends.
Rani : it's getting late. i'm going to house okay? see you!

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