a : what , can i help you? b : yes , do you know where the jasmine room 4 a : Yeah I know, jasmine room 4 is next to the laboratory
b : oh , thank you
a : your welcome


A: Hello___
B: Hello!
A: What are you doing here?
B: Oh, I was going to visit my cousin/friend/etc, ___. What about you?
A: My friend/cousin/family/etc just got sick yesterday. I am accompaniying him right now.
B: Oh, that's gret, look, I have to go, see you later!
A: Bye!

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A: hi
B: hiii
A: what are you doing in here?
B: my brother got sick a few days ago
A: oh okay, i hope your brother will get better. i have to go. bye
B: bye