asep : do you know how to make tomato juice ?
sanusi : yes I do
Asep : are you sure ?
sanusi : yes, of course !

b : we don't need to add sugar
a : are you certain
b: I' m very certain, a
sita: Eva, do you sure you want to move to another city?
eva: yes, really sure.
sita: what makes you want to move?
Eva: nothing,I only want to live with my parents.I miss my family
sita: Please think again?
Eva:no.I have made up my mind.and I am sure that this is the best decision
sita:okay, just follow your heart.

dina:via,have you decided something?
via:actually yes,but I still confuse.I am in doubt
Dina:just believe your self.I know that you can choose one of them
via:yes,but i am not sure with the thing that i choose.
Dina:if you need my help,I will help you