At the high school of Jakarta there are many the students who has comes in the new school.
then,they're introducing them self
Asri : Hello, i'll introducing my self. My name is Asri i'm from junior high school of Sukalaras.. would you introducing your self guys !?.
Toni : ok.. i would like to introducing my self too. My name is Toni i'm from junior high school of Bali. as you know i'm from Bali. and i moved to jakarta with my family. How about you sara ?
Sara : oh. I'm from junior high school of Mandalarang. and now, i lived at kaliwangi.
Gilang : oh.. hi guys i'm Gilang. My full name is Gilang Perdana Setiawan .. i'm happy can introducing my self to my new classmates
Avril : Introduce,, My name is Avril .. nice to meet you guys. cuz' i've new classmates here.
they're comes to be happy, Cuz' now they've good new classmate
finally, They cames to be a Bestfriend.. and they always study together.