>Asking for helping 
once upon a time. i went to my grandmother house. And my items fell. i met my grandmother, so i am asking for helping 
Me : " Hello my grandma, can U help me?"
GrandMa : "Oh my grand daughter, OK. What can i so for U ?"
Me :"Please help me to bring my items to the basket!"
GrandMa : "Oh yes, I'll help U !"
Me : " Thank U my Lovely GarndMa."

> Offering for helping 
Early in the morning, at the kitchen room. There is my mother,she is cooking for my breakfast. suddenly  i coming to the kitchen.
Me :" G.Morn, My Mom .. what R'U Doing?
My Mom : " Morning too my daughter, oh i am cooking now for your breakfast !"
Me :" Oh thanks my mom . If like that,what can i do for help you cooking now ?
My Mom :"No thanks. it's so easy okay.. I can do it by my self !".