A: hi andy
B: hi Nia
A: what is your plan for this holiday?
B: probably, i'll go to my grandma's house,, how about you?
A: i don't know maybe i just stay at home
B : it is too boring,, how about you join me to my grandma's house?
A : are you sure?? okay ofcourse i can
B: okay i'm sorry nia,, i have to go now see you
A: see you too

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Ila:dila,do you have any plan to go somewhere today??
dila:not yet,i still confuse deciding it.
ila:do you want to accompany me tonight?
dila:where are you going to go?
ila:to my friend's birthday party.i dont have friend to go.
dila:oh okay,maybe i will accompany you.what time will we ?
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