Complete the sentences with be or have remember to use the correct forms :
6. my younger sister and i ..... three cats. They ..... cute
7.our favorite subjects .... math and english. We ... a great time when do math and english exercises
8. caroline and hannah ..... similar interests in fashion . They .... crasy about the newest trends in fashion
9.bob ...... a gadget mamac . he always .... the latest version of mobile phone , which is actually not neoessary.
10.sita .... a dream of becoming one of the next female president of indonesia . she.... optimistic about her dream
11. my pen friend and i .... a plan to meet in pession . we .... anxious to see one another.



6. have, are
7. are, have
8. have, are
9. is, has
10. has, is
11. have, are