Tolong buatin kalimat dari kata :
a. absolutely
b. accurately
c. beautifully
d. carefully
e. clearly
f. diligent
h. fluently
j. gently
k. nicely
l. quickly
m. regulary
n. seriously
o. softly
p. smoothly
q. thoroughly
r. fast
s. well
u. hard
v. late




Fast: you must think fast! if you not, we lose!
hard: you know, i will study hard and be number one!
late: i hope you come, and don't late, okay?
well: wish you get well soon, Peter.
quckly: quickly! dont let Garry catch you!
carefully: please, handle carefully

sorry, nggak bisa jawab semua :) semoga cukup membantu ya
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Absolutely: you are absolutely right.
accurately: please count all the numbers of voting accurately
carefully: carefully hold the glass so that it won't fall
diligent: I am diligent to do my work
firmly: she firmly grabbed unto my hand
fluently: you speak english fluently
gently: pat the dogs head gently
nicely: answer to those questions nicely
quickly: quickly turn off the stove! I can smell the smell of burns
regularly: regularly brush your teeth
seriously: you need to take people more seriously
softly: now, softly, tell me what happen
smoothly: she did it smoothly
thoroughly: he searched the house thoroughly
fast: He's so fast, he's totally going to win the race
well: well done! you passed the test!
hard: is the algebra test hard?
late: I got to go! I am late for work!
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