Hans :apa kabar
sikawan : baik
hans : o...kenapa?
sikawan : karena aku lagi sehat
hans : sehat??? sehat kenapa???
pake bahasa inggris apa indonesia sih!!??
klo pake bahasa indo percuma aku bikin sepanjang itu...
Dian: "Hello Dion"
Dion: "hello"
Dian: "Sorry i missed the last class"
Dion: "Never mind"
Dian: "Can you tell me which part i missed?"
Dion : "sure,Chapter III: would like to come,page 46-54.
Dian : "thank you"
          "what was the homework?"
Dion : "page 56"
Dian : "and.. what should i do to catch up?"
Dion : " i don't know sorry"
Dian : "help,what should i do?"
Dion : "i beg your pardon"
Dian : "okay,bye Dion. See you"
Dion : "see you"