Jawaban paling cerdas!
Receptionist : Good night, what can I do for you?

Andin : My friend and I will be have a night here. Do you have a room?

Receptionist : Yes we have. Single or double?

Andin : Dini, would you like a single room or double?

Dini : Just a single room.

Andin : Well, single please.

Receptionist : Ok, I will check to my list to determine where your room.

Dini : I am sorry, is all the room completed with shower?

Receptionist : Oh, I forget to ask you. Do you like with a shower or a bath?

Dini : Shower, please.

Receptionist : Ok, that’s will be room 245 and $23.45 a night, including breakfast and dinner. How long will you stay here?

Andin : Just a night because tomorrow we will be back to Indonesia.

Receptionist : Indonesia? There are so many great places over there.

Andin : Yaph, thank you for your appreciate. I will pay it by a credit card and what time is dinner?

Receptionist : No problem we will facilitate it and you must be hurry because the restaurant will close 30 minutes again. This is the key and the bell boy will accompany all of you.

Andin : Thank you.

Receptionist : You are welcome.

Maaf gak ada cerita rakyat yg 3 orang:((
Cerita rakyat banyak tokohnya..