A black wallet with ID card named Joko Susilo, ATM card, Credit Card and Money. The wallet has been lost on Jl. Gatot Subroto. Who finds it, please call  Hendra 08113501010101.  There's a special prize for you who give it back. 

kalau boleh yg hilang seekor kucing,,
Has lost a black wallet in the Depok campus of the University Gunadarma Margonda Margonda or around Jalan Raya Depok, with the contents of ID cards and driver's license in the name of Andi Handoyo Abrams and 2 pieces of vehicle registration in the name

Reno police number B 6130 and B 3960 LZ SFM. 

For those who find these items please contact 021-7870654 or 085697451835 or 081806450549. 
For those who find will be rewarded for 200.000, - (two hundred thousand dollars).