Description of sunflower this, as mentioned in a source, the seasonal crops. Sunflower is very typical. The shape is great and is usually bright yellow with a large flower head (can reach 30 cm diameter). Sunflower shapes that are composed of hundreds to thousands of small flowers on the hump. High sunflowers around 3-5 m, depending on the variety. Single leaf width and stem is usually rough-hairy, upright, and rarely branched. At this rate, there are two types of flowers. It's called For flower edge or "flower of the tongue" which carries a large bright yellow petals and sterile. There is also the so-called "flower tube" fertile and produce seeds. The number could reach 2,000 tubes flower petals in a flower cluster. Open pollination (cross) and assisted by insects. On a sunny day, bunches of compound interest to follow the daily movement of the sun (the origin of the name of this plant), the symptoms are called heliotropisme. Other sources also describe that tanamim trunked wet (herbaceous) grew tegals. Flowers Around Rich medication for Health as high as 1-3 m. The entire surface of the plant stem rough skinned and have fur. The leaves are green and heart shaped. In flowers, large size cup with a crown shaped like a yellow ribbon along the edge of the cup. In the middle of the cup there is a little flower-shaped tube with color brown. When fertilized, the tiny flowers into the seeds are black and white striped, who gathered in the cup. If it is ripe, the seeds is easily removed from the cup.
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