3. Windy : you read a lot of comics ang manga.....felix wants to start into it.
Leony : well, i like naruto and one piece. they are still on the top ten list of the most popular mangas.
a.what would you suggest?
b. i don't really like it.
c. do you mind buying me some?
d. does felix like them too?

4. wimpy : excuse me, sir. ......
Mr.Harrison : Yes,what can ido for you?
wimpy : i would like to show you my
project on the environment issue.
Mr.Harrison : Okay, ;et's talk in my office.
a. do you know where she lives?
b. do you have something to say to me?
c. can you spare a little time?
d. do you mind showing me your project ?

mohon jawaban nya yg baik dan bener yaa :)



3. a. what would you suggest?
4. c. can you spare a little time?