Dear Emundus,
Nice to get more information about Erasmus Mundus. As I know, Emundus has been success to realize hopeless’s many students to get a higher quality education in Deutch. I BELIEVE IT. I’m the last year Law student in Hasanuddin University of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. A have a Million dream to continue my MASTER LAW study in Deutch. Amien. Please, send me more information and offer me oppurtunity to make realize my dream like did you do to other success students. Thanks before…
kalo yang akomodasi hotel gmna ?? susah nyarinya
coba cek di blog ini http://akomodasi-perhotelan.blogspot.com/2012/04/prosedur-check-out.html
okey makasih yah infonya :)
iya sama2