Wulan:hi,how are you
hai,apa kbr
nita:oh fine
wulan:nita,why you dont go to the cinema with your classmates?
nita,knp kmu tdk prgi ke bioskop sm tmn tmn sklsmu?
nita:i dont have money,i forgot to bring my wallet
ak tdk pny uang,ak lps utk mmbwa dompetku
wulan:oh,so actually you want to watch that movie,right?
oh,jd sbnrny knu mau nntn film it kn?
nita:of course yes
tntu sja iy
wulan:okay,lets watch that movie with me
oke,mri mnnton brsmaku
nita:i have told you that i dont bring my wallet
kn ak sdh bilang klo ak tdk bwa dompet
wulan:thats no problem,i can lend you sone money
tdk mslh,ak bs mmnjmknmu uang
nita:are you sure?
ap kmu ykin
nita:oh thnk you
oh trma ksih
A : Hi, how are you ?
B : Hi, I'm fine.
A : I wanna tell you something...
B : what is that ?
A : Yesterday, when I visited my mom, I saw a very frightening accident. I was so scared, and I said to my self, "God... What is this ?"
B : are you really ? Tell me !
A : Here, some beggars become very angry and fought with each other. Their anger didn't stop, even though, there are a policeman there.
B : So, what had happened ?
A : hmmm... I'm not so sure, but it's seemed that they were fighting for food, given by a non-Govermental organization member, It caused traffic jams, and the drivers passing by showed their anxiety, because they were affraid of the outcome. and you know, when there is a riot, no one can stop it. That's why fear was reflected in their faces.
B : What an Incident... People fighting only because of food ? Isn't is sorrowful ?
A : All right, that's a view of the poors life.

( Maaf ya B.Indonsia terlalu banyak, jadi saya ambil kesimpulannya saja : Jadi mereka berdialog tentang kejadian "Pengemis yang berkelahi karena merebutkan makanan" jadi kejadian tersebut menyebabkan kekacauan di jalan dan menyebabkan kemacetan. para pengemudi juga jadi ketakutan karena tidak ada satupun orang bahkan polisi yang dapat memisahkan keduanya. )
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