Ali:hey agra,why do you look so sad today?
agra:can you help me??i need your help and also your suggestion.im in doubt
ali:oh sure,i will help you.now,please tell me what makes you sad?
agra:tmorrow i have to join english competition,but my mother tell me not to go somewhere tomorrow.but if i dont join that cmpetition,i will get the punishment from my teacher.so what should i do??
ali:oh you should tell your mother that tomorrow you have to join an english cmpetition and you will go home after that competition finish.i am sure your mother will understand if you tell her the real fact
agra:ohh thank you ali.you are my bestfriend
A : Can you help me to lift this goods to the third floor? It's very heavy.
B : Yes, of course. 
A : Thank you.
B : Anytime. But, if I may suggest you, it's better for you to use the elevator instead of lifting the goods until the 3rd floor. 
B : Oh, that's a good idea.