Jawaban paling cerdas!
1.i have met her before this meeting.
sya sdh prnh brtemu dgn dia sblum prtemuan ini.
2.she hasnt done her homework yet
dia blum mngrjkn pr ny
3.you have never felt love
kmu tdk prnh mrskn cinta
4.i havent eaten yet
ak blm mkn
5.they have never understood our mind
mreka tdk prnh mngerti jln pkirn kita
6.i have been to lombok
sya sdh prnh prgi ke lmbok
7.he has flew with a plane
dia sdh prgi mnggnkn pswt
8.i have been a doctor
sy sdh mnjd seorg dokter
9.he has talked to me about his feeling
dia tlh brbcr pdaku tntg prsaanny
10.she hasnt bought that flower
dia tdk mmbeli bnga itu
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