Receptionist: Good morning! Welcome to Cozy Hotel. Could I help you?
Mr. John : Good morning! I'd like to book a room for several days, please
Receptionist: Sure. How many days would you like to stay?
Mrs. John : 3 days and 2 nights, please
Receptionist : Certainly. We've got room 145, 209, 310 for free. which one do you prefer?
Lily: Dad, I think I prefer room 310
Dave: Me too, dad
Mr. john: ok, then we'd like to book room 310, please
Receptionist: Certainly, sir. How are you going to be paying?
Mrs. John: Credit card, please
Receptionist: Sure. Is there anything else we could help?
Mr. John: I think we need someone to help us bring our luggage
Receptionist: Sure. We've got bellboy to help you
Bellboy: Good morning!
Mrs & Mr John: Good morning! Could you help us with our luggage to room 310
Bellboy: Sure.
Receptionist: We hope you'll enjoy your stay here
Mrs. John: We hope so. Thank you
Receptionist: Your welcome
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