A: Hello
A:how Are you??
B-i'm fine , And you??
A: ouch my stomach, i think i got stomache
B: I must go to the library now ,you can go to the clinic that  beside the teachers room
A:ok thank you 
B: you are welcome and bye
A: bye
iya . tolong dijawab ya,, kasihan adek aku
siapa yang adek kelez -_-
baik lah
A: Hi
udah yaw kk ato adek lah gk perduli aku kelas 7
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Lia:hi nice to meet you again anggi
anggi:oh hi nice to meet you lia
lia:how are you?
anggi:i am fine,hey where are you going to go?
lia:im going to go to a bookstore,i want to buy a new book.
anggi:hmm okay,im sorry i cant accompany you to that bookstore,because i have to come to eli birthday party now.
lia:okay thats no problem..byee
anggi:byee...be careful lia
yang greeting yg mana ??? yanv how are you yang mana ??? yang perpisahan yang mana ??
greeting:hi nice to meet you how are you:yg nmr 3 prpishn:bye,be careful