Tolong jawab yang bagian II. ERROR CORRECTIONS !! dari nomer 1 - 5. tq:)

lives mjd lived watered mjd is watering practices menjadi practise has gone mjd is going to. will eat mjd ate
jadi jawaban gue ?
ngga kok nyantai aja lagian beda kok


1.Live Without S ..
2.Watering i think not watered ( I think :D )
3.Practice Without S ..
4.Gone ,, without Has
5.I am and I will can be shorted with I'm and I'll
1. lives ⇒ (lived)
2. julia is ⇒ (julia was)
3. practices ⇒ (practice)
4. she is 18 years old ⇒ ( she has 18 years old) or she has gone to university ⇒ (she will go to university)
5. I am not hungry ⇒ (i will not be hungry)