Tolong dong lengkapi yang kosong ini ,.

' I would like to tell you a story. Listen to me carefully! 1)______ the Sun and the North Wind was arguing. They boasted that they 2)______. No one accepted it. But the sun said that 3)______ in gentleness. Suddenly they 4)_____ wearing a loang coat. Then the North Wind told the Sun that whoever 5)____ the man's coat was the winner. The North Wind 6)_____ so hard to show his power. However the man just 7)____ and tighter. The North Wind 8)____. Then the sun started to show his power. The sun 9)____ brightly with all his beams. It grew hotter. The man did'nt stand it anymore. Finnaly, he took off his coat, and the sun.



1. Long ago
2. Powerful
3. Who
4. Fight
5. Took
6. Tries
7. Calm
8. Worried
9. Eradiate