In earlier times there lived a , who named Snow White . He lived with his aunt and uncle because his parents died . One day she heard her uncle and aunt talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because they wanted to go to America and they did not have enough money to take Snow White with them . princess Snow White did not want her uncle and aunt to do this . So he decided to escape .

 The next day he ran away from home when her aunt and uncle were having breakfast , he fled into the wood . In the wood she felt very tired and hungry . Then she saw this cottage . She knocked but no one answered her so she went inside and felt asleep Meanwhile seven dwarfs came home from his work . They get into . There, they found Snow White woke up from his sleep . He saw the dwarfs . The dwarf said : " What is your name ? ' Snow White said , " My name is Snow White . " One dwarf said , " If you want , you can stay here with us . ' Snow White tells all about her story . Then daughter snow and the seven dwarves are now living happily ever after .
yg pendek? narrative kan ttg cerita bro. susah cr yg pendek. Kl mw rangkum aj
Once upon a time, there was a girl called Cinderella. Cinderella is lived happily with her mother and father until her mother died. Feel that Cinderella needs a mother figure in his life, Cinderella’s father remarries to a woman who has two daughters of her own.
Unfortunately, Cinderella's father dies and she lived only with her stepmother and stepsisters. They were very bossy, she had to do all the housework.
One day on invitation to the hall come to the family. The King invited for all the eligible ladies in the kingdom so as to find Prince a wife. Her stepsisters would no let her go. Cinderella was sad. The stepsisters went to the hall without her.

Fortunately, the fairy Godmother came and helped her to get to the hall with the wave of magic wand, helped prepared Cinderella for the hall. The fairy does warn her that is magic will end at a stroke of midnight, so she must leaved the hall before than.
At the hall all people surprised when Cinderella arrived. And then the Prince invited Cinderella to danced. He fell in love with her.

All of a sudden, the clock star to chime that is a midnight. Cinderella hastily runs away, dropped a glass slipper as she does so. Cinderella escapes, with nothing from the night left, except from the other glass slipper, which had not changed back.
Prince Charming orders his love to be found by means of the odd shoe, and the Grand Duke is sent around the land getting every girl in the land to try on the glass slipper to see if it fits.

Eventually the Grand Duke reaches the residence of Cinderella, but she is nowhere to be seen. The stepsisters frantically try to get the glass slipper to fit so as to wed into royalty, but compatible nothing that. The Grand Duke is about to leave as Cinderella finally appears. He orders the messenger to brought forth the glass slipper, yet the stepmother in a last minute attempt to prevent her stepdaughter from better things, causes the messenger to trip, thus broken the fragile shoe into pieces. Yet the arrogant woman hadn't betted on Cinderella produced the other glass slipper, which fits onto Cinderella's foot perfectly.

Very soon, wedding bells ring, and Cinderella married her prince, and they live happily ever after.
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