A : hey what do you think about my t-shirt?
b : wow, thats cool! it matches with your skin! i love it
a : thank you. glad to hear it

a : give me your opinion about our education system!
b : well this system makes me headache but i understand that the government gonna make us smart
At a department store in Bali, a tourist from Sumatra Utara, Miley and Daniel are going to by some clothes.
Daniel :this store has various items. There are many clothes and souvenirs here.

Miley :yes, you’re are right.
Daniel :what do you think about this shirt?
Miley :mm… but I don’t think red is the right color for you. I think blue will be better.
Daniel :do you really think so? I think red is nice.
Miley :actually, I think red is too bright for you.
Daniel :mm… I guess you’re right.
Miley :but there is no blue shirt here. Let’s ask to the shopkeeper.

Daniel :yeah…

A : what do you think about my picture?