asking the fish for wishes? how did he feel about it ? do you think he
could have done something
jawaban tentang cerita the enchanted fish

8. imagine you are the fish in the story . can you narrate the story from his point of view ?



8. one day, I was caught by a fisherman. I begged him to let me go, so he got surprised and let me go. but then, the fisherman came back to me to tell me what his wife wants. I would like to help him, so I granted his wife's wish to live in a cozy cottage. but in fact, it's not enough. he came back again to ask his wife's wish. this time, she wanted to be an emperor. of course, I granted her wish. but the fisherman's wife was so greedy. then she asked that she want to be the Lord of the sun and the moon. this time, I'm upset that she's so greedy so I put them back in their small hut, back to their first condition.