Jawaban paling cerdas!
A; don't eat that
B: why?(asking)
A; because is my food(giving)
B: sorry
1 5 1
Asking information :
1. Excuse me. Who is she?
2. Can you tell me where you live?
3. Can you help me to find my spectacle?
4. Could anyone tell me what happen there?
5. Sorry to trouble you, but do you know where my ruler is?
6. Do you happen to know where Miss Icha is?
7. Do you see my new pencil case?

giving information :
She is my sister !
2. I live at Antene street number 100
3. I saw it in the bath room an hour ago
4. There is any car accident
5. Don’t you remember that you’ve left it in my cupboard
6.He goes to the post office
7. Here it is. I have found it in yard