Tolongin dong yang pinter bahasa inggris tentang "you're not sure if the instructions of the recipe that your classmate gave you is correct. you want to make sure that the cooking time is right. then your classmate says that he is very sure that the cooking time is correct." tapi cuman 2 atau 3 percakapan saja gak usah banyak2



Jawaban paling cerdas!
X: hey, i doubt of your recipe
y: what? this is recipe from my mother. so, i'm sure that it's right.
x: at the step 3, i think you must boil it for 3 minutes longer. because, if it boiled for only 2 minutes, the food is still hard.
y: no! i have no doubt of my recipe
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A: "Are you sure that you have to boil the meat for only about 5 minutes? I don't think the meat will be tender enough."
B: "Of course, I'm pretty sure we just need no more than 5 minutes to make it tender. That's how my mom usually cooks it. It'll taste delicious also. Trust me."
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Sure, no biggie! I love the happiness I get when I can help people out. : D