Perkenalan~ A:Would you wanna hiking with me tommorow? B: Oh sure, where are we going A: Blabla mountain at 7 am B: Okay i will come A: Okay thank you, byee B: Bye too Next Morning A: Oh you come B: Yeah, it's fresh at morning A: Okay let's go B: Oke On the road A: Whoa that tree so big B: Yes it's big A: Wanna rest at there? B: Sure A: Okay let's hiking again B: Yes and etc, masi banyak kok ttg apa aja
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Jawaban paling cerdas!
X: what do you think about tree?
Y: the number or plant, which one?
X: the plant one
Y: ooh.. i think, trees are so meaningful. you know why? because, they produced oxygen for many people. how about you?
X: i think so. but, i don't know what in their mind. 
Y: their?
X: yeah. people who cuts the tree..
Y: i see
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