I have a really nice classmate
she sit next to me. she have long, straight, black hair.she doesn't wear glasses. she wear bracket. she loves to use the green bracelet. she loves to eat cupcakes. she have 2 brother. she also have 1 younger sister. her favorite color are white, pink, and red. she have a fair skin. she's beautiful. she like to read, sing, and dance. she love to read comics. and she likes classic song. she dance hip hop better than me. her backpack color is red. she live in Kusuma Village. she is 10 years old. she is a smart girl. she is my best friend

maaf kalu salah ya :)
Description classmate :

i have a friend, a classmate friend, she's beside me on the class. her name is nani. she's so beautiful.not just that, she's my competitor also. we always compete in the study to prove whose the first and the second . sometimes i won on the exercise, but she's the best in another one. but we are good, i mean, though we are compete each other, but we still have time to go together when school off or vacation time, or study together before exam. after final exam we will continue to the college. she said she want to take the medicine faculty at university of Indonesia. me myself, want to take electrical engineering faculty at Gadjah Mada University in Jogjakarta. now we trying our best to take that chance, to full fill our next dream, entering the college and faculty that we want.
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