Tolong yang bisa bantu buatkan percakapan singkat tentang "your team lost the match. you and your teammates evaluate it. althought you are disappointed, you admit that the opponent was great. how would the conversation go?"



This is about our basketball team lost on the last high school tournament. this is the conversation :

Bejo : damn, it's hurt , what a paiiiinnn. it should be our team winning the competition, i think team S is cheating with the referee.

jono : don't talk like that Jooo, you know yourself, they are more in technique than ours.

Bejo : but it just 1 point , and they won. we just got the 2nd place.

Jono : though just 1 point, admit it, they're great. we have already do our best, but their effort to force and defense , make us really hard to produce points.

Joko : i think we can learn from this lost  than blabbering. next time on our training, we can look at the video from last competition and we can knew the weak point of our team. alsoooo, we have to try more hard than this to win the next competition. are you all agree?

all : yes, we are!!!