Plant is very important to our life. It can produce oxygen to breath. Some people was cutting and destroying a plant without any thinking. There so many plant in this world like flower, vegetable and fruit. Flower is very beautifull taking care. Vegetable also important if we not eat any vegetable we can get sick and it will make our family being sad of our condition. Fruit is important too. Fruit and vegetable was be function good for our tummy. Please imagine if god wasn't make any plant in this world. We can be die because there is no oxygen in this world. Earth was sick too, Water getting dry and many animals was dead. Let's compare a mountain with many plants and a mountain without a plants, A mountain with plants feel cozy and the air was good right?. A mountain without plants was feel like dry and we will get tanned faster because there is nothing can hide us from the sunlight. If we go too beach, there is coconut tree right? We can drink and eat a fresh coconut in the beach. In Indonesia, there is so many plant. We can found Raflesia Arnoldi or 'Bunga Bangkai' in Bahasa Indonesia.Please take cari many plants that you can found in the street or in your house. Waterring it, and don't ever make it broke or die okay?. Take care of the plant!
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