Sastha is a child living in coastal areas Calormen. He was raised by an abusive and money-hungry named Arsheesh. Sastha always dream to travel to the northern regions that he never knew his form. One day, a horse with his war commander Calormene intend to buy Sastha. Arsheesh commander was invited to stay in his cabin while bargain prices, and Sastha forced to stay in the stables. In Stable, Sastha surprised when the commander war horse could talk. The horse named Bree, Talking Horses were kidnapped from Narnia and become slaves Calormene. The horse was invited to travel Sastha along to the North, Bree gives additional motivation for Sastha: Sastha white, in contrast with most skin Calormene, meaning Sastha came from the North. Sastha and Bree finally gets to travel with a tutor Sastha riding horse freely by Bree. They sometimes steal to eat undertakes needs. When crossing the river in the forest when the night, they are followed by a horse and rider, along with it, they chased lions. The lion was chasing them until the horse stalker is now shared with Bree and Sastha. Finally, they escaped from the pursuit and the two of them, and acquainted with Aravis Tarkheena Talking Horses, Hwin. 
Aravis is a princess Calormene, said that he fled with Hwin because he was forced to marry by her father with Ahostha Tarkaan, advisor Tisroc ruthless and rich, when he wants to commit suicide, Hwin prevent and provide solutions that go to Narnia. Then, the four of them discuss how to get past the toughest obstacles, ie a large river-brokered capital Calormene Empire, Tashbaan. If they make it past that hurdle, they just have to go through the desert and mountains Archenland and get to Narnia. They decided to disguise as a merchant and cross Tashbaan. Once Tashbaan, they met with the entourage of Queen Susan and King Edmund of Narnia. At that moment, Sastha mistaken for Corin, princes Archenland. He was dragged into a halfway house entourage Narnia. Therein, Sastha hear how Queen Susan wants to avoid child Tisroc proposal. Mr. Tumnus the Faun suggest deception boat party that no one would suspect. Then, in the evening, the ship will quietly away from Calormene. Sastha, given a good supper and evening he swapped places with the prince Corin original, which is a brave boy, but mischievous. After exchanging places, Sastha Tashbaan successful exit and go to the Tomb of the Kings Past in Northern Tashbaan supposedly haunted, a reunion of the group escape when they separate. 
The fate of Aravis, Bree, and Hwin better. Aravis met his good friend, a very feminine Lasaraleen and rich. Lasaraleen help Aravis and the horses to get to the tomb as soon as possible. When Tisroc settles out through the palace, they mencuridengar talks Ahostha, Tisroc, and children Tisroc, Rabadash. Rabadash Tisroc to ask permission to make a sudden attack to Narnia while King Peter is fighting a giant in the North. Finally, the four of them back together with the news of the attack Sastha know. Sand and four of them down the cliff to get to the other side of the Winding Arrow who are far away from the desert. But the same way when they are no longer in Archenland hill, they saw troops Calormene. Then they were chased by a lion again until Aravis injury and consequently they could rest at home Hermit Southern Border. Hermit was entrusted Sastha to tell about the assault Calormene to King Lune, King Archenland now. Sastha Anvard and ran to meet the King. Finally, the King thanked the Sastha and setting up protection. Meanwhile, Sastha also carried a duty to deliver an attack to Narnia to help Archenland. When traveling, Sastha meet Aslan the lion who apparently is always chasing them so that they could travel in time. Sastha go to Narnia and deliver to all his people. Containing a palace of Cair Paravel King Edmund, Queen Susan, and Queen Lucy immediately made ​​preparations anyway with the Animals Talking. With the fighting finally forces Calormene the leader can be defeated with assault, Rabadash, a prisoner. 
Sastha and connected to the resemblance of his face with Corin, that Sastha is the twin brother Corin were separated at birth. Sastha is actually named Cor, go to the Hermit and pick Aravis, Bree, and Hwin to Archenland. There, the case for judgment Rabadash negotiations. At that time, Aslan came and changed into a donkey Rabadash. Aslan said, Rabadash can be himself again when he was in the Temple of Tash, he will become human again. And he can be an ass again if he is more than 10 miles from Tashbaan. Thus, Cor became heir of King Lune and Aravis are free of aristocratic life Calormene, married Cor. Life in Archenland be peaceful again.
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