It's the time for A's birthday
(at A's house)
kringg,, kringg, kringg
A : Come in B
B : Thank you A
A : Thank you for coming to my party tonight
B : It's okay A
(at the party, B with B(his or her) friends)
B : Hey, how beauty cake is the cake, who chose it?
C : I did, Let's make A a suprise, any idea?
D : What about we throw the cake to her face?, you know I mean the cake that we buy for her
B, C : It's a great idea
(the party start)
B : Hey A come here
A : Okay
B : It's the time is ready
(when C wants to throw the cake, he slip and fall down)
A : Oh My God, What happen here?
B, C, D : We are sorry, we want to give you a surprise
A : okay, I forgive you, don't do the same mistake again
B, C, D : Okay

namanya di ganti sesuai keinginan
bigung milihin nama soalnya