A.make a short dialogue includes giving opinion.!
B. make a short dialogue includes asking opinion !
C. Buatlah kalimat dari kata = 1.accomodate,2.guard,3clerck,3.shop assistant,4.sailor,5.judge,6.lecturer,7.acces,8.install,9.inspect,10.initiate,11.surgeon,12.scientists,13.jeweler,14.hesitate,15.guess,16.grip,17.govern,18.fulfill,19.formulate,20.expand,21.float,22.highlite,23.greasy,24 lump

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A. Giving Opinion
A : We have to visit grandma tomorrow.
B : No, I don't think so. We have to study for Maths exams tomorrow
B. Asking Opinion
C : That girl over there is really beutiful! What do you think?
D : Yes, I agree with you, especially the long black hair she has makes her looks prettier.
1. The United Nations will accomodate two parties in a conference
2. Two men over there were guarding the CEO's house
3. ?
4. She works as a shop assistant in LA
5. Don't judge without thinking
6. My father's job is a lecturer in Harvard Unversity
7. Israel blocked the whole access to Palestine
8. She has to install the windows program on her laptop first so that it can be used
9. The police was inspecting a car with B 1234 CDE police number
10. She initiated to come earlier
11. The wave surges on the coast
12. To be a scientist is not easy as we think
13. The jeweler sold his golden earrings in a higher price than the others
14. She walked on the path with full of hesitate
15. I guess she has gone earlier.
16. He tightened his grip on the pole
17. Mr. Anton governs his territory in Malang City
18. Father has a duty to fulfill his family's needs
19. Indonesian legislative assembly has the right to formulate the program of ordinance
20. The company expands its business relations with other companies
21. She was floated in Pacific Ocean because of that accident
22.  The singer was highlighted
23. Fried chicken is a little greasy
24. She had a lump on her neck

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