Airport officer   : assalamu'alaikum
Traveler               : wa’alaikumsalam
Airport officer   : welcome to Saudi Arabia
Traveler               : thank you
Airport officer   : you’re welcome, what is your nationality?
Traveler               : I am an Indonesian
Airport officer   : can I see your passport, sir?
Traveler               : oh, here it is.
Airport officer   : what is you flight number?
Traveler               : my flight number is 124 (one hundred and twenty-four) Saudi air ways.
Airport officer   : are you carrying any suitcase?
Traveler               : yes, I carry three suitcases here.
Airport officer   : could you open the suitcases?
Traveler               : with pleasure.
Airport officer   : thank you for your cooperation; we hope you enjoy your vacation in Saudi.
Traveler               : thank you very much.

A: why you come to airport B: because i want go to indonesian