Buat kalimat dengan kata =
1. miner 2. plumber 3. solicitor 4. civil servant 5. butcher
6. Act 7. Acquire 8. Abandon 9. Abolish 10. Accept
11. Achive 12. acknowladge 13. conduct 14. collapse
15. dutch 16. concide 17. cause 18. absorb 19. abuse
20. deserve 21. crawl 22. crash 23. fling 24. guide
25. accuse

adAa yg bisa bantu saya...


1. My brother is a miner, he's working in a mine.
2. A plumber fixed the sink this morning.
3. That solicitor have persuaded her to sell her house.
4. As a civil servant you must not take tax money.
5. I got this meat from a butcher next door.
6. We have to act if we want to accomplish something.
7. This is the first time I acquire large sum of money.
8. They abandon the house 20 years ago.
9. Slavery was abolished 50 years ago.
10. I accepted her offer to come to her house.
11. I never expected to achieve such thing.
12. Acknowledge your enemy's weakness.
13. We have to conduct an experiment.
14. The building collapsed a year ago.
15. He is a dutch.
16.  Our vacation coincided this year.
17.  He will cause so many problems.
18. Solar cell absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity.
19. Don't abuse your children!
20. He deserve to be rewarded.
21. There's a spider crawling on my bed.
22. A car crashed into a train yesterday.
23. He fling a rock at me.
24. Teachers should guide their students into the right path.
25. You can't accuse me, you have no proof!