Tolong buat contoh percakapan singkat antara murid dengan murid yang sedang menanyakan pr
dan contoh percakapan singkat antara murid dengan guru
dan contoh percakapan singkat antara guru dengan murid
please bantu :)
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Percakapan antara murid dengan murid
 A: Good evening friends.. 
B: Good evening too.. Can i ask you about the homework?
A: Sure.. 
B: Can i do the homework about my activities?
A: Sure, it's up to you..
B: Thanks to answering my question..
A: You're Welcome

percakapan antara murid dengan guru..
A: Excuse me, sir.. Can i ask a question for you?
Teacher: Of course, you can..
A: Can i do the homework with my friend together?
Teacher: Yes, you can. but, the result from you're homework must be better than you're friend..
A: Yes sir, thank you..
Teacher: You're welcome

percakapan antara guru dengan murid
Teacher: Dina, can you help mam to check this test scores?  
Dina : Sure, mam...
Teacher: Thank you dina, i really appreciate that.. 
Dina : You're Welcome

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A: hey, can I ask you something?
b: okay, about what?
a: about homework.. have you done the first number?
b: yeah, of course.
a: I literally don't understand about it.. can you teach me please?
b: okay.

g: hey, shinta. can you help me please?
m: hey, mrs. emma. of course.
g: please bring me my book on the first floor. thank you.
m: okay, mrs. emma.