Dad: "I hope this plants will grow nice and fast"
Aisyah: "Thanks dad for teach me how to planting. I hope that too"


Ayah: "Ayah berharap tanaman ini akan tumbuh dengan baik dan cepat"
Aisyah: "Terimakasih ayah untuk mengajarkanku bagaimana cara menanam. Aisyah juga berharap begitu"
A: Can I Give you a hand on planting these vegetables, Mom?
B: Yes, please. Wait a minute, do you know how to plant vegetables yet?
A: No I don't know yet. Can you help me to plant these vegetables?
B: Yes I can, this is how to do it
B: There you go, you've done it!
A: I hope these Vegetables could grow fast!
B: I do too. I hope these Vegetables grow fast so we can eat it soon!