Expressions blaming: Lisa : Hey, you Kiki. Stop! Kiki : What happened Lisa? Lisa : Did you steal my money? You’re the one to blame! Kiki : It wasn’t me. I didn’t do that. Lisa : But everybody in my class said you do that. You have to be explain about this! Kiki : Huh! How dare you’re. I never do that suck things. Lisa : Yeah, but my friends had seen you out of my classroom. It must be you stealing my money. Kiki : Prove it, how dare you just accuse and blame me without clear evidence. I will pay your money if you can prove that suck things! Lisa : Ok, I will prove that! Kiki : I will wait for that! accusing: a: hey, do you see my phone? b: no c: are you joking? I saw you take my phone from the table!
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