Present tense
-Does she drink coffee?
yes,she drinks coffe
-does he eat meatball?
yes,he eat meatball
-do they go to mall?
yes, they go to mall
-does the cat eat  fish?
yes,the cat eats fish
-do you blow the balloon?
yes,i blow the balloon
Simple present tense

1. A : Does he go to school every day?
    B : yes, he does
2. A : Does your father give you a Samsung S5?
    B : No, he doesnt
3. A : Do you give a present for your mom?
    B : Yes, I do
4. A : Where is your brother now?
    B : In the kitchen.
5. A : How is your motorcycle ?
    B : It still in repair shop

Simple continuous

1. A : Are you going angry with dina?
    B : Yes I am
2. A : What is she trying to do ?
    B : She is trying to make her brother calm down
3. A : Is he talking about me?
    B : No, he is not
4. A : What's the book are you reading?
    B : Geographic book
5. A : Where is tina doing right now?
    B : tina is painting an apple.

I hope I can help you ..