Jawaban paling cerdas!
Wuih, sama tuh kyk PR aku :D

Today was daylight, there was something that goes into the water. I approached, it turns out it is a hook. I tried to touch it with my mouth. Because, I've been cursed into a fish, although originally I'm a prince. I panicked when it lifted the hook. It turns out that a fisherman who caught me. I beg to escape, and eventually he let me go .
The next day, the fisherman was calling my name. I appeared. Apparently he asked for a request. The request was a request of his wife. His wife asked for nice home, then I grant it.
Then again the next day, the fisherman coming back. She said she wanted to be emperor. I grant it.
The next day again, the fishermen come again. I began to get nervous. Greedy fisherman's wife once. And now the fisherman's wife asked to be the queen of the moon and sun. I told the fishermen home.
As a result of the greed of his wife, a storm came and eventually the lives of fishermen and the greedy wife turns poor again.

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