Apakah yang kamu maksud past continuous tense?dan present continous tense?
conto1.I was watching football  at 5 am ?2.i wasnt watching football at 5 am3.was i watching football at 5 am ?1.You were going to school last morning
2.you were not going to school last mornin 3.were you  going to school last morning ? 1.Aisyah was going to Library2.Aisyah wasnt going to library3.was she going to library?
1.Harry  was watching  TV at 8 pm last night2,Harry wasnt watching TV at 8 pm last night3.was he watching Tv at 8 pm last night?
kalau present continus tense 

1.Ali is watching tv now
2.Ali isnt watching tv now
3.Is Ali watching tv now?

1.You are reading a book
2.You arent reading a book.
3.are you reading a book?

1.We are going to Bali
2.We are not going to Bali
3.Are we going to bali?

1.Im cooking fried chicken
2.im not cooking fried chicken
3.am i cooking fried chicken?