Simple Present = S + V1 / V1+s/es + O
-I go to school every day
-The Water is white
Present Continuous = S +To Be (am,are,is)+ Ving+O
-she is watching television now
-he is reading now but he will write soon
Present Perfect = S +have/has + V3+O
-we have left for Surabaya
-you have read the short story for a week
Present Perfect Continous =S+ have/has + been + Ving+O
-you have been staying here
-I have been studying English since 2013
Simple Past = S+V2+O
-we went to the mart yesterday
-I often sent him letter last year
Past Continuous = S+ was/were + Ving+O
-I was reading a newspaper yesterday
-I was working when she came here
Past Perfect = S+had + V3+O
-I had done my home work before mine
-she had fallen I help her
Past Perfect Continous = S+had + been +Ving+O
-we had been working in malang
-she had been living here for four years
Simple Future = S+will/shall + V1+O
-I shall meet you by five
-I shall go to semarang tomorrow morning
Future Continous = S+will/shall + be + Ving +O
-I shall be learning the language
-when you come to my house she will be working at the office
Future Perfect = S+will/shall  + have + V3+O
-rylan will have done her home work
Future Perfect Continous = S+will/shall + have + been + Ving +O
-I shall have been living in Surabaya for two years by next year
Simple past Future = S+would/should + V1+O
-I should go to semarang last year
Past Future Continous = S+would/should + be +Ving+O
-I should be finishing this job
Past Future Perfect = S+would/should + have + V3+O
-He would have written the letter last night
Past Future Perfect Continous = S+would/should + have + been +Ving+O
-I should have been living here for two years by last june

Pada dasarnya tense itu hanya terdiri dari

Present = V1
Present = V1+s/es
Past = V2
Perfect = have/has + V3
Future = will/shall + V1
Continous = To Be Ving