Jawaban paling cerdas!
Example :  Suggest

1 . How about we playing ....... ?
                2 . Let's us .....
                 3 . Why dont we ....
                 4 . We could ....
                 5. What about .....
                 6. i think .

maksud saya dalam bentuk percakapan 3 orang
owh maaf tak kira gitu
tolong dibantu ya :(
A : Can I help you, young man?
B : Yes sir, may I interview you for a moment?
A : sure, but what about?
B : about the rate of crime in this city
A : ok, go ahead
bentuk tiga orang bisa mbak?
help me please
Sarah : Thank you, everyone. I’m very happy to have you here too. By the way, have you enjoyed the food? Would you like some tart cake? I have tart cake from my parents. Rendra : Oh, really? Is that okay? I would love to have some Yani : Oh, thank you, Sarah. Please, don’t bother Fanti : Thank you, Sarah. It’s okay. Thank you for the offer Rendra : Well… if nobody likes it, maybe you can get some for me, Sarah.Yani : Oh, don’t be so ravenous, Rendra! You have just eaten many sweets. Rendra : Oh…
thank you ({})
you're welcome