A: excuse me, can i borrow your pen, please?
b: of course you can but why are you borrow my pen?
a: beacouse my pen is running out
b: why don't you buy a new pen?
a: i don't have much money
b: really?
a: yes!
b: are you sure?
a: yes, but now can i borrow your pen?
b: oh, here you go!
A: Good evening..
B: Good evening too..
A: Can you help me to do this homework together?
B: Yes, I can.. but we must to ask to teacher first.
A: Okay, i would ask teacher about our homework. Excuse me mam, can we do this homework together for this time?
Madam : Yes, you're can work together..
A: Thank you mam..
Madam: You're welcome..
B: How about to do the homework together?
A: Madam said, we can do the homework together.. 
B: Okay, see you..
A: See you too..