Last week was a terrible day for me . My cousin and I were playing football infront of the house to spend time with us . First , it was really fun until I kicked the ball too strong , so the ball leaded me to the window and broke the window . When we want to escape , all of a sudden we all heard a loud voice . After that , the owner of the house came out of the fence , he yelled at us . We are very afraid of her , but we do not know what to do . Then , one of my cousins told us to run , we all ran , and suddenly we heard the sound of skin . Then we know that homeowners allow dogs to chase us . And we were struggling to run as fast as her as we can. But , I fell down so the dog managed to capture me and bit my leg . It really hurts me . Then the dog ran back into the house . My cousin took me to the doctor and told my parents . In the end, the doctor said that I was exposed to rabies . Then I was hospitalized for one week more . that's a terrible day of the week for me , may not happen to me again in his next week Sunday .