1. Sebutkan 5 contoh kalimat asking for attention dan responnya !
2. Sebutkan 5 contoh kalimat asking and giving something dan responnya !
3. Sebutkan 5 contoh kalimat asking and giving permision dan responnya !

Tolong dijawab ya soalnya ini pr buat besok, thanks :)



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. asking for attention..
- what should i do to cheer up you?
Responded: well, you can tell me a very amazing story..
-Are you okay?
Responded: Yeah, not very well..
-What's wrong with you?
Responded: Nothing..
- Wow.. that's amazing..
Responded: Thanks..
- I hope you'll will be okay..
Responded: Thank you..

2. asking and giving something
-Could you give me a glass of water?
Responded: Of course..
-May i try it on?
Responded: Yes, you can try it on..
-Can i have one too?
Responded: Yes, you can have this one too..
-It's okay if i borrow your book?
Responded: It's okay, you can borrow that.
-Can you give for me that book?
Responded: Yes, i can..

3.  asking and giving permission
-Excuse me sir, can i go to the office for a while?
Responded: Okay, you can, but don't in there very long..
-Excuse me.. can i go to the cooperation to buy some school equipment?
Responded: Yes, you can..
-Could i switch off the computer?
Responded: Yes, switch off the computer..
-could i turn on the television?
Responded: Sure..
-Could i drink this?
Responded: That's okay.. 
9 4 9
Asking for attention
1.Excuse me
2.Attention please
3.Can I have you attention,please!
4.May I have your attention,please?
5.Sorry to trouble you
Respond nya
1.Yes please
4.What is it
Giving opinion
1.Great, I think that is beautiful invation card.I like it
1.Thank you
7 3 7
blm di jelasin di sekolah sorry ya
makasih jawabannya bermanfaat banget
oke sama sama
nada sekolah dimana .... tinggal di mana