- Compliment adalah kalimat untuk memuji seseorang
dialognya :
Elizabeth : Good morning, sir. I am sorry, perhaps I’m late. I’ve caught the traffic jam.
Interviewer : Good morning, that’s all right. I’ll start asking you why do you want to work with us at Camp Elizabeth? 
Elizabeth : I love working with children and I’d like to get some experience.
Interviewer : What experience do you have?
Elizabeth : I help with youth club at school. I’ve organized sports.
Interviewer : I see. It’s shown in your resume. You’re great!
Elizabeth : Oh, thank you. I think my qualification is still limited. But I’ll try to do best if I join at camp.

- Amazement adalah kalimat yang menunjukkan keterkejutan
Dialog :
Victor: Korea defeated spain last night.
Willy: What? Korea won the footbal match?
Victor: Yes, It did. Isn’t it amazing?
Willy: Wow! I was really beyond believe! Korea’s shown its quality as one of the Asian countries. It has been achieving a great improvement, not only in economical field but also others, including sports.
Victor: We have to admit that Kore is really good. We, Indonesian, must learn from the Korean. They’ve recovered from monetery crisis and proved themselves no longer underdog.
Willy: You’re right. You know why?
Victor: I think it has good players. It must need high discipline, wualified players, good, coaches and sufficient supporting facilities. 
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