In the morning.
Mother: Do you want eat fried rice?
Anvak: hmm, yes i want
Mother: so, wait. Father, do you want drink a hot coffea, or cold coffea?
Father: Yes, i just want hot coffea, and a breakfeast.
Mother* Cooking in kitchen
Anvak: Motheer, me want to eat fried rice and eggs.
Mother: Okay,
This your coffea, (mother give a coffea for father)
Friends: Hello, Anvak.
*open the door*
Anvak: What happen, your come?
Friends: I just jogging, but i look your home. so i want to come
Anvak: Oh,
Friends: What are you doing?
Anvak: I will breakfeast
Mother is calling anvak. Anvak, breakfeast please.
Anvak: Hmm, waiting mom,my friends is coming
Father: Mom, i want a newspappper please give me:)
Mother: Yes, i wiill give you
Anvak: Mother, can i breakfeast with my friends?
Mother: Yes, sign

Mother: This your breakfeast*give a friedrice for anvak*
Anvak&Friends: thanks mom:)

Anvak: Mom my friends will go home.
Mother: Okay, so bye
Friends: Mom, thanksĀ  byee

Situation: Mom wants cooking fried rice for breakfast
(in dining room)
Father: good morning honey,what's the breakfast menu of today?
Mom: I'm cooking fried rice today
father: That's sound delicious. I wanna taste it.
mom: here it is...
Father: im gonna try this food.
avank: Good morning mom and dad!
Mom: Good morning sweety,who is beside you?
avank: oh,this is my friend..Nathan. this is my classmate
Mom: oh i see. hello nathan,do you have breakfast?
Nathan: actually,i haven't.
Mom: oh really?you should breakfast first before you go to school. do you want fried rice?
Nathan: Sure,please.
Mom: Here it is...
nathan: Thank you very much, Ms. loli.
Mom: you're welcome dear.