Mr. Zoe  :  What do you think of my new house?
Shane     :  It is beautiful. I think. Oh you have many novels in your new house.
Mr. Zoe  :  Yeah, some. I like Andrea Hirata’s novels.
Shane     :  How do you feel about Andrea Hirata’s novels ?
Mr. Zoe  :  I feel they are great novels.
Shane     :  Yes, you are right. I think it is going to rain.
Mr. Zoe  : I don’t think so. Look outside at the sky! It’s so clear. No clouds there.
Shane     : But I watched the weather forecast yesterday. It said that today is going
to rain. OK Mr. Zoe see you.
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Jawaban paling cerdas!
A: Good afternoon...
B: Good Afternoon too.. what are you doing here?
A: I am watching a new idol was singing in television..
B: Oh.. what is your opinion about the new idol?
A: My opinion, she is very beautiful and her voice melodious and pleasing to hear. How about you?
B: I think so too..
A: Thank you to give your opinion..
B: You're Welcome
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